Weekly Report 2

What do I want to do with my life?

This question occupied much of the space in my mind as I built my first list of professional contacts this week. There is a seemingly endless mass of different jobs in the journalism world, each of them entailing different duties and qualities. If I am to find the perfect job for me, I must start by narrowing down my search. There are so many valuable resources in the DFW area for me as a student that I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but I figured that compiling contacts from multiple platforms of journalism was a promising place to begin; gaining experience in as many areas of journalism as I can-magazine and newspaper writing, online writing, and even broadcast journalism- is the factor that I believe will be most beneficial in my growth from this program.

This week, I learned that I don’t need to know exactly what job I want to hold, which company I want to work at, and how long I want to work there just yet. Right now, it is all about gaining professional experience and exposure to the journalism field so that I can figure all of that out later on. My journey in ISM is not about getting my dream job while still in high school, but it is about figuring out what I may want that dream job to be. I am eager to see what valuable knowledge my mentor search and continued research in ISM will bring in the coming weeks.