Weekly Report 5

As I drove through the hustle and bustle of downtown Dallas by myself for the first time this week for more interviews, I truly saw the world through the eyes of a journalist. I paced up and down city streets lined with towering skyscrapers, heard the echoes of car horns and humming air conditioning units, and passed countless faces- each of which, I realized, had a unique story. As I entered my interview and took the elevator to the twenty first floor, I became curious about each individual’s story that I saw that day. How did they get where they were right in that very instant? Who are they?

This week I refined my journalism study even more by realizing what it was that I want to cover; I want to write about people in their everyday lives. What do specific individuals or groups experience on a daily basis, and what is an extraordinary event that has shaken their life lately? What events have changed a community and how? I want to bring information to a community that can benefit them and inform them on what’s going on in the world around them. In my two interviews this week, both with regional magazine professionals, I was informed of the importance and benefits of serving a local group of people. Publishing stories for a regional population really allows a journalist to dig deeper into the community around them and get to know its occupants; it establishes a connection between the writer and the subject by making them feel known. Wherever my future in journalism may lead, I hope to keep this goal in mind; I want to write stories that connect individuals far and wide, inform people on how the happenings within their community will affect them, and make my readers feel known.


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