The College of Journalism

Who better to gain journalism knowledge from than the most influential journalist in American history, Joseph Pulitzer? This article is justifying his decision to help establish the first School of Journalism at Columbia University in 1903, helping to solidify his views on the purpose of being a journalist as well as helping me grasp the very same thing. In his article, Pulitzer helped me understand who my writing affects and how it does so. It answers some of the most pressing questions I have had on my ISM journey thus far; What is the purpose of the press? Should journalists strive for a nearly unattainable objective perspective on the world’s events?

Pulitzer’s opinion of journalism’s crucial role in society as a whole has changed my perception of the industry for good. After reading Pulitzer’s powerful and poetic statements on “the power to mold the future of the Republic” being “in the hands of the journalists of future generations,” I feel a new obligation to write stories for human beings everywhere rather than for a narrow target audience. I plan to take every step in my future as a journalist not simply as a writer, but as a public servant as Pulitzer describes. In publishing stories and exposing the details behind them that wouldn’t otherwise be heard, I have the privilege to inform and educate the society I live in. Therefore, I will make the most of this incredible opportunity by writing and publishing subject matter that has relevance in not only my nation but in nations all around the world. In my future as a journalist, while I may eventually write for a regional publication, I plan on making my writing able to apply to people all around the world. By including a broad spectrum of subjects, points of view, and emotions in my writing, I can speak to and connect with readers all over the world.

Furthermore, this article moved me to begin thinking of the press as the mouth of the common man. . It is not a journalist’s job to publish the opinions of public figures- people already know what they think. Rather, journalists need to speak the thoughts in the heads of the common man- they are a liaison between the public and higher institutions. Journalists should be able to express concerns of the public and bring them into the light; the press let individuals of power know what people are worried about and what they think needs to be done about it. It is our job to be concerned about everything going on in society; all public affairs are a journalist’s business. According to Pulitzer, “he brings all classes, all professions together, and teaches them to act in concert on the basis of their common citizenship.” Public writing should appeal to all audiences from all walks of life- anybody that wants to educate themselves on a topic should be able to. Therefore, I will apply this to my writing journey by incorporating something for everybody in my stories.

Pulitzer’s article opened my eyes to my duties as a journalist as well as the relevance of my work in society. After reading his beautifully woven words and eloquent philosophy on the role of journalists in the “welfare of the Republic,” I am ready to continue into my journalism future with a mind focused on serving my readers.

Annotated Articles: annotated-articles-research-assessment-4


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