Weekly Report 8

This week in ISM has been focused on brainstorming and asking myself important questions. I have done some research this week on an unavoidable subject within journalism- privacy and the respect of it. There have been too many examples of published stories that release sensitive information or images that the author may have not necessarily wanted to become public. Images and data portraying death as merely a number of casualties, negative quotes that were meant to remain within a private conversation, and classified information about individuals have all been exposed in the press, both with and without consent. I learned this week that I will have to be sensitive about what information I publish and what images accompany that information; I must ask myself, “how will this affect the individual if I publish it?” Determining what is fair game for the media and what should remain private is something that I will have to grapple with in the near future.

In addition, this week has marked the first phases of brainstorming for my original work. Thus far, I know that I would like to compose a full blown article about a public and popular story, complete with images and quotes from sources. As far as the subject of this article, I do not yet know. I hope to secure a mentor within the next two weeks and utilize her help to figure out what a good subject for my story will be, where I might go about obtaining quotes for it, and how to format it so that it is appealing to the audience.


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