Weekly Report 9

This week in ISM, I have done some serious consideration about my potential mentor. After completing six of my interviews, I have a wide variety of journalism specialties and job positions to choose from, including online editors, print editors, and news journalists. Each of them offer a valuable learning experience and priceless exposure to the industry; now, it is just a matter of choosing exactly which job within journalism I would most like to dive deeper into.

After conducting my research, I have come to the conclusion that I would definitely like a mentorship in print journalism- either a magazine, newspaper or online writing publication. As for subject matter, I would like to begin by covering events that affect the community around me- whether that be social events, news highlights, or shining a spotlight on exceptional members or organizations. Eventually, I would like to move to a larger scale publication dealing with national and even international subject matter, but I believe that covering stories in my immediate area would be a great place to start.

One major debate I am having is between choosing an editor with journalism experience, so that I could have easy access to both the writing as well as publication processes, or choosing strictly a journalist, so that I could really focus on all aspects associated with the story writing process. As of right now I am leaning towards a news journalist, as they would have the most insight on what exactly I want to do in my future. I plan on completing my last interview within the next two weeks, and choosing a mentor in the week following; I am thrilled to see what new opportunity my mentorship will bring.


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