Weekly Report 10

Now that my informational interviews are all finished and I have done extensive research and analysis from secondary sources, it is time to start putting all of my acquired knowledge to use. Over the past week, I have finalized the plan for my original work. I have decided to compose an article on the Frisco Independent School District; its reasoning behind making the decisions it has, what its goals are for the future, and how FISD students feel about the education system it has created. This article will be the perfect opportunity for me to apply all of the necessary skills of a successful journalist (according to my professional interviewees). It will allow me to ask hard hitting questions, be persistent in acquiring information from sources, and provide insight on an institution that impacts Frisco citizens every day.

From devising this plan, I learned the importance of doing prerequisite background research on whatever subject I will be reporting on. Each article I write throughout my career will vary greatly in subject matter, so if I do not educate myself on the preceding events and individuals associated with it, how am I supposed to accurately recount the facts to an audience? This is a potential question to ask myself as I advance into college- is there a specific area of journalism (politics, crime, entertainment, etc.) that I would like to specialize in, so that I can ensure that I am offering insightful and educated information in my writing every time? Or, alternatively, would I prefer to stay in the realm of news journalism, simply reporting on the ever-changing relevant events within the community? I look forward to applying my cumulative knowledge of journalism to impact the community through my original work.


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