Weekly Report 11

This week marks a monumental milestone in my ISM year; I have secured a mentorship. I clicked immediately with my mentor, Ms. Staci Parks, online managing editor at D Magazine, when we began discussing journalism in our informational interview. Her willingness to answer all of my questions with such enthusiasm and wisdom fueled my passion for journalism and reminded me exactly why I want to pursue this particular career path. I look forward to the future work I will do with Ms. Parks, and to reaping the benefits of this valuable exposure to a professional publication environment.

In addition to finding my mentor, I was able to do some reflection on all that I have learned from my research thus far. In composing a research speech synthesizing all of the knowledge I have acquired from my interviews and independent research, I realized how far I have come from the beginning of the year. I now have much more background knowledge on the industry, an understanding of basic fundamental concepts within it, and a grasp of the distinguishing factors between the many platforms of journalism. I am eager to display all of this in my upcoming original work article, which I have also begun to plan out. I have begun a list of professionals and groups of sources that I will need to interview for my article, and I plan on figuring out what that will look like as my next step.


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