Weekly Report 12

This week, I have produced a survey of Frisco student opinion for my original work and drafted emails to send to members of the FISD board of trustees. Using these tools, I will acquire all of the sources I need to add information from both perspectives and give credibility to my original work article. I plan on sending these requests for information this coming week, as receiving responses can vary greatly, and I do not want to be crunched for time. However, I first need to devise a plan for how to distribute my survey throughout Frisco High School, and perhaps even across several Frisco ISD high schools. This aspect of my original work is exciting for me because I am able to put all of my knowledge acquired through research about acquiring sources to good use. Throughout this process, I am able to put the elements of journalism that I have studied so intensively into practice- persistence, curiosity, compassion, and communication.

As soon as I get enough responses, I will be able to do the hard part- analyzing the data and actually composing the article. I look forward to seeing how the point of view of the school district administration on the success of FISD differs from students’ perspective on the same subject.


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