Interview Assessment: Christine Perrenot

Name of Professional: Christine Perrenot

Profession: Editor

Company: Frisco Style Magazine

Date of Interview: 4 October, 2016

In my fourth informational interview with Ms. Christine Perrenot of Frisco Style Magazine, I was aiming to gain a deeper understanding of writing about the events and people in the community surrounding me. I had previously conducted interviews with Plano and Dallas magazine editors, but something is different about writing stories pertaining to places, organizations, and people that you have grown up around. I was eager to know in what ways my roots in the Frisco community would affect my writing; I wanted to ask Ms. Perrenot about digging deeper into aspects of the community I had never encountered before.

Ms. Perrenot was certainly helpful on this subject. She detailed how the majority of stories reach her through word of mouth and city events, by putting herself out there and forming new relationships with new people. I plan to apply this in all aspects of my future as a journalist; by making myself known and being willing to create new relationships, stories will find their way to me much easier. The more connections a journalist has in their community, the more those connections come to them with stories and valuable inside information on them.

Furthermore, she shared that the most rewarding part of writing stories for a town in which you are so invested is getting to see how your stories impact it. Ms. Perrenot described writing a deeply touching story about an exceptional Frisco man fighting illness with faith, and how it brought Frisco Style readers, as well as the man’s friends and loved ones, closer together than ever in support. Just hearing about the experience engendered within me a newfound reverence for, and connection with, the people of my area. Real stories that reach out to readers and relate to the trying experiences we all endure are the ones that make a difference, and I have made it the goal of my journalism career to do exactly that. More than anything, I want my stories to affect people, to inform them, to entertain them, and to educate them. In writing stories, I plan on keeping this end goal in mind and using my subject matter to make an impact.

Ms. Perrenot also helped me understand the process of publishing a magazine; the deadlines and timelines for writing stories, the time allotted for printing, and each individual job’s role in creating the final issue. I learned that the magazine takes at least a day or two to print, and that the editor must spend a day planning the physical layout of the magazine first. Consequently, stories must be proofread a minimum of one day before that; therefore, the actual written content must be finished roughly a week before the magazine is to be printed. This information will prove exceptionally helpful if I end up securing my mentorship at a magazine, or even working within a magazine in the future; I will already have background knowledge of the publishing process and will know how much I need to finish in what window of time.

This informational interview has helped me obtain knowledge about the inner workings of a regional print magazine as well as the importance of forming connections in the region I will be writing about. My newfound knowledge, intermixed with the cumulative information I have gathered from my research, will allow me to be successful in creating valuable and impactful articles for my audience.


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