Original Work Proposal

There are several scales on which one can perform journalism- local, regional, national, and international. Each of these are of incredible importance to the group which they serve, providing its members with insightful details on relevant information that affects them directly. In my original work, I hope to kick start my journalism career with a published work of local journalism providing insight on a local institution that impacts the lives of Frisco residents every day. I plan to compose an article detailing the Frisco Independent School District- why it has made the choices it has, how it compares to other surrounding districts, and how it has impacted its students. My article will answer questions such as: Why does Frisco have so many small high schools rather than a few large ones, and what are the pros and cons to both students and residents without children in Frisco schools? How does the lack of district enforced final exams affect students’ performance on the same exams in college? What do students feel that the district could do to improve their education experience?

To do this, I will need to gather several sources for quotes and different perspectives on the subject. These will include students and teachers of FISD, who are directly impacted by any and every move the district makes, and FISD schoolboard members, who make the decisions. I will need to research the contact information and schedule of several Frisco ISD administrators, as well as schedule interviews with them, in order to obtain the information I require. In addition, I will have to conduct surveys and interviews with a diverse range of Frisco ISD students in order to properly represent their point of view. After I have gathered all of the responses I require, I will have to analyze them for similarities and differences, then synthesize them with other facts to form a coherent story.

This article will be able to give the school district direct feedback from their students, and vice versa; it will have the potential to enact changes in our education system. Its composition will also allow me to apply all of my research on procedures to follow when gathering sources; having compassion, being persistent, and having thick skin. Writing this story would challenge me to step out of my comfort zone as a student and take on every responsibility of a professional journalist, from conducting research and gathering sources to writing and editing my story. Creating a full blown piece of journalistic work would help me to lay the groundwork for my future career as well as allow me to turn all of my hypothetical knowledge and “I will’s”  into action and “I did’s.”


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