Weekly Report 13

Going into December, I am able to see the growth I have undergone since beginning the ISM program. This week I began composing my first real work of journalism- my original work article. I am loving the ability to write about whatever I want and let my voice be heard by others; writing excites me, and now so does journalism writing in particular. Gathering quotes from the student body has been the most exciting aspect of the process for me, which is completely opposite from what I went into this program expecting. I thought my least favorite part was going to be collecting sources, but I actually find it extremely interesting to see how others’ opinions differ from my own on the same subject. So far, I have acquired over 50 responses on my survey to use as quotes in my article, which is more than enough. All I am waiting on now is answers from the FISD Board of Trustees, then I will have all of the pieces I need to assemble the puzzle that is my article. If I don’t receive responses from those individuals in time, I plan to reach out to FISD principals and other administration. My original work is turning out nicely, and I am excited to see where it takes me once it is completed and even potentially published.


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