Weekly Report 14

This week has been some of the last time I will have to work on my original work with allotted class time; from here on out, my finishing work on my article will be completed outside of the classroom. My article is coming along nicely- all that I am missing is a few important quotes from FISD officials and some pictures to accompany my article. I have already arranged a couple of interviews, and I plan to follow up with more. Once I acquire these pieces, I will be able to finish my analysis and complete the article.

I also scheduled my first mentor visit this week, and I couldn’t be more excited. I am eager to get into the work place and experiment with duties in the journalism workplace besides writing (such as fact checking, collaborating with others, and publishing). Before that visit, I will need to research and at least become familiar with the fact checking process so that, if asked to, I can successfully do it. My mentor visit is before the Research Showcase, so I also hope to receive my mentor’s input on my article as well as any improvements, corrections, or additions she may have.

This coming week and over Christmas break, I need to complete my display board for the Research Showcase as well as finish my original work. I plan to go out and take some pictures to enhance my article over break, possibly of Frisco schools, the administration building, student activity around Frisco, etc. I am looking forward to seeing my whole original work once it comes together.


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