Weekly Report 15

Over the past weeks, I have finished my entire original work, and I am incredibly proud of my first ever piece of journalistic work.

On the first day of winter break, I had my first face-to-face interview with a professional that was not informational. Up until now, all of my interviews have been either organized or required by ISM, but this one was completely lead and arranged by me. It was also my first experience acquiring quotes from a source. Furthermore, I transcribed the interview from the voice recording into my article, ensured that all of my quotes were accurate, and put the finishing touches on/proofread an article of my own writing. I did a generous amount of rearranging the wording of my article (making sure I spoke only in third person and refrained from subjectivity) and even altering the headline to ensure that it captured the contents of my work appropriately. When all of the fine tuning was done, I was left with a product that I was proud to put my name on.

This entire experience has been an opportunity for me to develop my distinct voice as a writer, as well as gain experience with the writing and publishing process. As I prepare to present my article, I am eager to see if any opportunities for publication present themselves.


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