Weekly Report 16

This week in ISM, I finished my Research Showcase display board, which displays all of the key aspects of my ISM journey thus far. Completing this task has taught me how to present information in a concise yet thorough way, and has also taught me how to decide which pieces of information are most important to display in order to achieve the overall message I am trying to get across. I tend to want to showcase as much of my work as possible and have trouble getting to the point, so preparing this presentation was great practice for me.

Furthermore, in writing my original work assessment, I was able to reflect on how much I have truly learned from the composition of my original work article. I found assessing my work extremely beneficial; I now know a great amount more about the journalism industry than I did going into it, and seeing where that knowledge stemmed from was intriguing. I found that I learned the most from the processes of finding and acquiring quotes/comments from sources and actually writing a full length piece in the objective voice of a journalist. Having the opportunity to compose my own original piece of journalistic work has provided me with a door into the world of journalism, and it taught me how to fulfill the duties of a good journalist.


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