Weekly Report 17

For an exciting start to the new year, I had my first mentor visit with Staci Parks at the D Magazine office. Staci first gave me a tour of the sleek yet welcoming office, which made my mentorship suddenly begin to feel real; seeing the bustling employees hard at work on the twenty-first floor of a skyscraper in the nucleus of downtown Dallas put butterflies in my stomach.

After I had the privilege of seeing all of the many areas of the magazine, Staci and I discussed goals, expectations, and possible opportunities for our future mentorship. We both agreed that it was important for me to gain experience in fact-checking, for that process is an essential prerequisite to publishing a piece of journalistic work. In addition to planning fact-checking opportunities, we also discussed my potential attendance of press conferences and editorial meetings, learning APA style, and even publishing original work on the magazine website. I anticipate all of these being incredible learning opportunities, and I look forward to learning something new from each and every one.

From the visit, I learned that there is so much more to putting together a magazine than meets the eye. The public sees only the final product, but there are so many unique and important jobs behind the scenes that go into making that product possible. It made me want look into some of these other occupations and see how they all work together symbiotically to create D Magazine. Journalists may write the actual text of the magazine, but that is only a fraction of the work; it is important for me to understand how they collaborate with others to put the magazine in the hands of its readers.


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