Weekly Report 19

Over the past week, I have created a plan for the future of my ISM journey and mapped out my steps for the rest of the year by completing my final product proposal. For my final product, I plan to get a story published on the D Magazine website- most likely a feature story about a health and fitness or food related subject. As these are both things that I am passionate about, I feel that publishing a story within one of these realms would be the perfect way to apply myself and finish my ISM year strong.

Because the journalism world is constantly changing as far as the stories available, I may not be able to find a significant story to write about within one of these realms and may have to change the subject matter depending on what arises. I am completely alright with this and am prepared to be flexible, as the unpredictability of this industry is one of the things that I love about it. I know now that I will have an incredibly short time frame in which to compose, edit, fact-check, review, and finally publish my work- only about a week. The D Magazine website churns out stories every single day, and I must be ready to put together a piece representing my best work within a time crunch. This being the case, I am prepared to make the most of my time when the opportunity does arise and put all of my hard work thus far into action.


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