Weekly Report 20

Over the past week, my mentor and I decided on a story to pursue for my final product. Because I have a passion for food and health, we decided that writing a story in which I have the opportunity to interview nutritionists, dietitians, and even local farmers’ market representatives would be a chance for me to combine several of my passions into one cohesive product. The story will be called something like “grocery shopping with a nutritionist,” and will focus on informing the people of Dallas about ingredients they can purchase and habits they can form that can enhance their overall health and wellness.

In beginning work on my final product, I have begun to acquire the names and contact information of nutrition and dietetics experts in the Dallas area to use as sources in my story. I have also started to come up with questions to ask these experts in order to direct my article. While I will definitely be working with my mentor on research and acquiring sources, I figured getting a head start would be a good idea to help me stay on schedule.

Additionally, at a mentor visit this week, I had the chance to sit in on a presentation called Magazine 101 at the D Magazine office. This presentation, given to new employees and interns by D Chairman Wick Allison, detailed the aspects of a successful magazine, the history and purpose of magazines, and the future of print journalism. The session was incredibly educational, as it taught me a lot about the purpose and goals of the publication at which I will be completing my mentorship. I look forward to applying the things I learned to the completion of my final product and hopefully its eventual publication.


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