Weekly Report 21

The week of February 5th, I spent very productive time with my mentor focused on product-related tasks. Together we discussed formatting numbers in AP style, went over a powerpoint on how to find effective and engaging story ideas, and researched potential stories for my final product article. In my last post, I wrote about potentially doing a story focusing on grocery shopping with a nutritionist, but after further research with my mentor, we have decided to go with something more hard hitting and unique.

Looking at previous stories published on the D Magazine website, I have seen several “Ask a Nutritionist” done already, and I want to do something more unique and interesting. Instead, I have narrowed down my story ideas down to “how to fight disease with food,” and “the impacts that technology has on you that you don’t know it had & and how to fix it.” I am more excited to pursue these stories, as I feel there is more to them- there are facts to uncover and check, professionals across a wide spectrum to interview, and analysis to be done.  Ms. Parks and I have discussed my completing a pitch of each story to present to her at our next visit; for each story, I will describe where I see the contents of the story going a potential list of sources, and what purpose it will serve. After this mentor visit, I have a much better idea of the direction of my final product and what specific tasks I need to be doing to prepare for it.


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