Weekly Report 23

The past week in ISM has been one of reflection and decision making on my final product. While I worked on finishing up story pitches for both of my final product story ideas (see previous blog), I have begun thinking about potential sources to contact for each story. I have also begun comprising a list of specialized questions to ask these sources. I asked myself, “What do I want to know about this subject,” and, more importantly, “What do other people want to know about it?” The whole point of writing an article for my final product is to educate the public about an interesting topic that could affect them, so, in composing these questions, I had to take into consideration what information should be highlighted for maximum effect on its readers.

No matter which story I choose for my final product, which I will hopefully know by the end of this week if mentor visits go as planned, I will have to have background knowledge and context of the issue before I write an article educating others about it. Up until it is set in stone which of my two final product stories I will be following, I will continue to educate myself on both topics and become as learned as I can before work on the actual article commences.


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