Weekly Report 24

Spring break was quite a productive one for me in terms of final product progress. My mentor and I had a 2 hour visit, at which we discussed thoroughly my story ideas for my final product article. I pitched my research on both stories to her, then we weighed the pros against the cons of each and discussed how to tweak them in order to gear them more towards publication. In the end, we decided that my story about how to fight disease with food would be a better fit for my final product. Not only is it the story that I am more interested in, but we both agreed that it would be easier to find sources to interview about the subject.

One suggestion that Staci had for me about beginning to write my article was that I find a way to localize it. The story in my head had no geographical limits, no application to one area, but rather the general population. She mentioned that the best way I could get published in D, if I had the desire to, would be to connect my story back to the Dallas community and show its implications and impacts on local people. In order to do this, I have decided to expand the limits on the story; I now plan on also highlighting some seasonal ingredients that Dallas people can get from local farmers that could help improve their health. I will look for local sources, including Dallas nutritionists/dietitians, and even Dallas Farmers Market vendors. Now that I have a story chosen, I can assemble a list of potential sources and really get a move on with my final product.


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