Weekly Report 25

This week in ISM, I have done more debating and reflecting over my final product article. Should I write a more investigative article like my Original Work, or should I write a local feature story more likely to be published on the D Magazine website? After weighing the pros against the cons, I have decided that I will pursue the local feature story idea that my mentor told me about in our last visit, which she mentioned would be prime publication material. Staci told me that she had been wanting to publish a story about all natural, local beauty projects available for purchase from small vendors in the Dallas area; pursuing this for my final product will increase my chances of becoming published, and that would be a huge step forward in developing my career. Now that I know for sure what I am going to be writing about, I can compose my list of sources much easier. In the coming weeks, I will be doing research on local businesses and vendors, specific brands and products, and who I can contact for more information about these things. Staci and I will plan a mentor visit soon where she can help me get connected to sources, then I will be on my way to completing my final product.


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