Weekly Report 26

After assessing my product progress this week, I realized that I am farther along on my product development than I originally thought. I have located my sources and I am preparing to reach out to them; once I do that, I just have to do the actual writing of the body of the article, which is the easiest part.

I have also learned, over the course of this week, that I need to be able to be lenient and forgiving of myself when I get off schedule. I cannot beat myself up or go into panic mode when I do not finish a task or meet a deadline. Instead, I must take a step back, look at the big picture, and figure out a way to catch up and work overtime to get myself back on track. Time management and problem solving are both crucial skills in any job description, and learning them firsthand will prove very valuable to my future in the professional world.

As I prepare to contact sources for my article, I must work on creating a list of questions that will enhance my article and keep capture readers’ attention. I will do this, and many other tasks related to my product, in the coming week in order to stay on track with my final product calendar and ensure that my article is where it needs to be.


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