Weekly Report 27

This week in ISM, I have formulated a list of questions for my potential sources for my final product article. I am going to reach out via email to my sources within the next few days, and hopefully by my next blog post I will have responses from a few sources. I am hoping to find out a bit about the background to each business, as well as their motivation behind using natural versus conventional ingredients. In my article, I would like to not only highlight one specific product that each vendor sells, but also have a mini-feature on each business in the process. In addition, I am currently drafting emails to send out to each of my sources, ensuring that I am maintaining a professional tone while also making my story sound like a worthy use of their time.

Over the past week, I have also learned that I will have to begin writing the contents of the article sooner than I anticipated. If I want it to be worthy of publication, proofreading, fact-checking, and revising will have to be extensive and meticulous; I would rather write a rough draft soon and spend more time fine-tuning it rather than trying to write a perfect draft the first time.


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