Weekly Report 28

This week in ISM, I have learned from my mentor how I should approach sources when interviewing for my final product. She told me that I should tell my sources that the interview is for a school affiliated project rather than for publication; this way, if my article does not end up being published, the source does not get confused or upset when their quote is not published.

Additionally, I have put a lot of thought into which sources I will choose; I have more than five sources and only five slots for products to feature in my article. Some of my brands are local businesses run by Dallas citizens, which I would love to feature, of course. However, the rest are still natural makeup products, but they are produced by larger corporations are merely available for sale in Dallas. The latter of these will obviously be more difficult to land an interview with, but I will reach out anyways and hope for the best.

This week, I hope to have most of my quotes secured and make substantial progress on the actual body of my article. I have a phone call scheduled with my mentor on Thursday, so hopefully by then she will be able to help me tweak and edit my work thus far.


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