Weekly Report 29

After a call with my mentor last week, I now have a clear plan of action for progress on my product moving forward. I have now completed a list of questions for my sources, as well as an email to send to each company I plan on interviewing. My mentor will review these with me this coming Friday, and I will then be able to finally reach out to sources and write the body of my article with the resulting information.

Through this process, I have learned a lot about how to approach and interact with sources depending on the context. In this case, a story in which I will require similar information from multiple sources, I need to ask the same questions while finding subtle ways to personalize the questions. As a journalist looking to feature a brand in an article, I need to display interest in my sources by showing them that I have done research on them and that I am legitimately dedicated to crafting a piece that displays them positively. In other cases it may be different; for instance, if I am interviewing multiple different sources in efforts to provide differing points of view, I will most likely need to create many more questions and ask highly specialized questions to each source.


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