Weekly Report 30

This week, I was finally able to reach out to my final product sources. At my mentor visit on April 21st, my mentor and I finalized my interview questions as well as the source email I would be sending out. Staci helped me refine my questions to more appropriately address each brand, and she gave me suggestions on how to personalize the email to each business owner.

From this experience, I learned the best steps to initially reach out to a source; an email is the best way to initially reach out if you can find one. In this email, a journalist should try to be as specialized as possible (for example, saying “good morning” instead of “hello,” and mentioning the actual brand name instead of vaguely saying “your brand”). This way, I can maintain the same format across all of my sources save a few minor adjustments. If an email is not available on the company’s website, a corporate phone number is usually listed, and that will suffice as well.

I have already received responses from two of the three sources I have reached out to, and I look forward to finding out more information about each of them and their brands.


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