Weekly Report 31

This week has been one of substantial progress on my final product! As it is coming down to the wire, I have been interviewing my sources for quotes to include in my article. Thus far, I have conducted one in-person interview and am still awaiting email responses from two other sources.

On Thursday, I was able to interview Kelly Foreman, founder of MopTop Haircare, in person at Whole Foods. She was such a kind and genuine individual, able to provide me with valuable and detailed information about her business. Her story is truly inspirational; she built her business as a solution to a problem she had throughout her childhood. Her philosophy behind using natural ingredients is pure and good-intentioned, and the entire purpose of her business is to help people feel confident in their own skin. After the interview, she showed me her products in Whole Foods and even gave me free samples. I learned from this interview the value of having and creating relationships with contacts like these; journalism is an industry in which you can meet incredible people and form relationships that will enhance your professional career. Building your network of people who you have genuine relationships with can ensure great opportunity in the future; it’s all about who you know.

This interview gave me great quotes for my article as well as a beneficial interview experience under my belt, and I hope that the rest of my final product interviews will go as well as this one did.


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