Weekly Report 32

I am so happy to announce that my final product is done! This point is the peak of my time in ISM; this product is the fruit of my labor from an entire year of hard work. I am excited to present this article at Final Presentation Night with my family and friends. I have learned so much from the experience of writing my article, including each step required of a journalist in the process of writing and publishing an article.

In the past week of adding finishing touches to my article, I have especially learned how to work efficiently to meet a deadline. In one week, I have completed two out of three total interviews, transcribed them, wrote the bulk of my article, and edited the entire thing. Once I enter into a professional journalism job, I will have to do everything that I did for my final product within the span of a few days, so getting an idea of the timeline of writing a story was extremely helpful.

Creating this project has also taught me how to appropriately interact with sources, the types of questions I should be asking, and how to pick and choose the most important aspects of an interview to include.



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