Weekly Report 22

Once my mentor and I discussed potential final product ideas, she asked me to complete two story pitches- where I see the story going, what sources I could potentially use, and possible points the content could hit. Over the past week, I have begun doing research and completing pitches for both of my story ideas (how to fight disease with food, and detrimental effects technology has on human health that most people don’t know about). I have found that there are ample sources in the Dallas area for both stories, but I am having trouble determining what kind of sources I should use for the technology story. With the food story, I can interview dietitians, nutritionists, and even chefs; there is a specific pool of professionals that I can choose from. However, the technology story is more broad, and there are many different occupations that I can choose from. Many different opinions could enhance the story, and I just need to do some extra in-depth research to find them.

In addition to researching my product stories, I have also been studying how to format numbers in AP style at the request of my mentor. I will be using AP style to write my final product article, so having knowledge of the proper formatting of the story is crucial.


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